Joint Resolution by Venezuela's Ministry of Interior and Justice, Office of the Minister Doc. No 364 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Minister Doc. No 165 & Labour Ministry, Doc. No 0530, dated Dec. 22, 1999, Guidelines for the Issuance of Visas, published in the Official Gazzette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Extraordinary No 5,427, January 5, 2000.


Tourist Visas will be granted to those wishing to enter the country for the following purposes: recreation, health or non-profit activities –such as cultural, artistic, scientific or sport–, contact of companies located in the country or public sector representatives, as well as journalism-related activities for special events.

Tourist Visas are valid for one (1) year with multiple entries. Tourist Visa holders may remain in the country for a period of up to ninety (90) days, renewable for the same period upon approval by the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior and Justice.


• Download, fill in and print out Application Form V1-A. Hand filled forms will not be processed.
• Original passport and photocopy of identification page. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from date of application and have at least two (2) blank, consecutive pages for visa stamping purposes.
One (1) printed photograph of applicant on quality photographic paper + digital file, either in CD or sent to Specs: colour, not older than three months, plain white background, 3cm x 4cm in size, sealed by photographic studio, clear indication of applicant’s name.
• Proof of current employment, either notarized or certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, issued on the applicant employer's letterhead paper, stating:

• Position held.
• Contract or permanent position.
• Time working for the employer and time in current position.
• Salary.
• Company's contact information.
• Name of the supervisor.

• Three (3) last applicant's bank statements, proving a current balance of, at least, $1,500.00.
• Letter to the Consul General indicating reason for the trip, who will accompany the applicant (if minor), and time and place of stay.
• Copy of Permanent Residence Card, Canadian Passport or Visa proving valid legal status in Canada.
• Copy of flight itinerary.
• Original notarized invitation letter issued by a competent Venezuelan authority, or confirmed hotel reservation in Venezuela.
Money order for US$30,00 (Please note that Canadian dollars are not acceptable) to the name of Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Consulate of the B.R. of Venezuela, for short).


• All documents must be in Spanish. Any documents not in Spanish must be accompanied by a certified translation.
• Additional documents may be requested, as deemed necessary to complete the visa process. If you fail to comply with the additional documents, a decision concerning your application will be made based upon the information already submitted with your application.
• Canadian citizens do not need a Tourist Visa, and may remain in the country for up to three (3) months, unless wishing to purchase a property.
• Tourist Visa holders in Canada wishing to visit Venezuela may apply for a Venezuelan Tourist Visa at any Venezuelan Consulate.
If applicant is underage, not working, a student, a disabled person, or if travel costs while in Venezuela will be covered by someone else, a notarized statement by the person providing such funds must be submitted clearly assuming responsibility, along with their last three (3) statements, showing account's balance, and employment records.



Once you have submitted your application, the Consulate General of the B.R. of Venezuela will check it to determine that:

  • All required application forms have been properly completed and submitted
  • The application processing fee has been submitted (money order), and
  • All requested supporting documentation has been provided

This process takes seven (7) business days

Note 1: Since August 11th 2016, citizens from United States of America visiting Venezuelan territory, should consider more than 7 business days to have the response of their application, due that the required documents needs to be verify by Venezuelan Foreing Afairs Office, according to communication No. 020/2016 dated on August 11th, 2016.

If your application is incomplete:

  • You will be contacted and notified of the missing requirements
  • Missing requirements must be submitted within five (5) business days from notification date. Failure to do so will cause the related decision to be based upon the information already submitted.

Please be advised that departure date to Venezuela must not be sooner than thirty (30) days after submission of visa application in the Venezuelan Consulate.